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Wedding photography is one of the most popular and profitable sectors of photography nowadays. Its demand is rising day by day and delivering the photos in time has become a huge challenge for the photographers. The number of photos is large and it is not an easy job. This is where wedding photo editing service is needed.

There are so many services provided by local editors, so finding the best one for you that is excellent in quality and affordable at the same time is quite hard. We are here to explain you what happens is wedding photography service actually and what things you should know about.

Along with that information, we will describe our policy and service offers. This is how you can get an idea of how you can choose the best service and why you should give us a try.

wedding photo editing service

Types of Wedding Photo Editing Service

Wedding photography is all about keeping the memory of every moment of the wedding and it is up to the photographer how they want to catch those memories. We provide editing service for any types of wedding photos and here are some of them described-

Traditional Wedding Photo Editing Service

Traditional photography is also well-known as posed photography that was very popular before the era of digital photography began. In the case of editing these types of photos, the editor must think about the light and the composition of the photo. We have an experienced editor that you can rely on in this type of photo editing.

Natural Wedding Photo Editing Service

Sometimes the couple holds their wedding in a beautiful natural place and the photographer had a better chance to make creative photographs using nature. These types of photos are hard to edit because there are various facts like natural light, contrast, shadows, dynamic range, etc. to be considered. Our expert editors can handle these editing flawlessly.

Creative Photo Editing Service

Creative photography is also known as a contemporary photograph of professional photographers. It is hard to edit these types of photos because the editing has to work out with the mood of the moment. We boldly provide this type of editing on a professional scale.

Documentary Type Wedding Photo Editing Service

Documentary photography has the lengthiest process among all the styles of wedding photography. This style makes a series of photographs that contain all of the stages of the wedding. These types of photos are easy to edit but the number of the photo is huge and we offer quick delivery with guaranteed quality.

Aerial Wedding Photo Editing Service

Nowadays aerial photography is getting very popular. Drones are normally used to get a unique posture of the photo. Aerial shots are not easy to edit as the composition of the photo has to go with the context of the photo. We have creative editors who can smartly handle that.


Find out what we do when you pay us for wedding photo editing service

Pro Level Work

$0.30 Per image

Services applied:

  • We charge for all submitted photos
  • We detected all damage and duplicate image
  • Culling asper clients requirement
  • Skin Imperfections, Acne, Scars Removal
  • Select the star images in LR catalogue
  • Matching your style
  • Cropping
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Exposure correction
  • White balance
  • Noise reduction
  • Straightening
  • Color Correction
  • Images Resizing/Cropping
  • Body/Face Reshaping
  • Background Retouching
  • Stray Hair Fixing

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

We offer bulk editing service discount

15% Off

Total Image more than 

30% Discount

When total image
More Than 800

If you still have questions about the volume discounts or want to receive them – mail us or write in the chat box.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Why Do You Need Wedding Photo Retouching Service?

Wedding photo retouching service provides various effects on photographs that goes perfectly with the story. These are the things you will get if you use our service-

Artistic Flavor

Plain photos cannot express the artistic vibe of the photograph as the photographer wants. This is where photo retouching service plays a vital role.Dramatic Effect
Some photo editing can bring a dramatic effect on a photo that has the perfect use of light. It totally depends on the image’s lighting condition and the mood.

Natural Feel

A wedding photography retouch can enhance the natural view of the photo if it goes with the expression of the photo. Natural photography needs to have this type of enhancement.

HDR Blending

Sometimes the exposure doesn’t go with the plain image and in this stage, HDR blending comes handy. This brings back the contrast, clarity, shadows, highlights, and luminance back to normal.

Proper Manipulation

If the photographer happens to catch a beautiful moment on the foreground the background may not go with the mood. This is where photo manipulation makes a huge difference and help to make a better-looking photo.

Do you Serve Individual Married Couple Or Companies?

We provide skillful editors for various types of photo editing services. They know how to edit wedding photos and can select the right editing effect for the right photograph.
This is why if you serve a married couple as an individual this could be a huge pressure for you to edit all the photos in a short time. Because at a wedding the number of photographs is bulky. We provide the best wedding photo editing service and at this time you should try us.

If you serve the married couple as a company, our wedding photo editing service could take the pressure as well. As a company, there should be a couple of weddings you have to cover. We can edit all of your one day’s photos and edit them in a short time without making you worry about the quality a bit.

Why Choose Us for Wedding Photo Editing Service?

In short, these are the reasons for choosing us as your wedding photo editing service-

Quick Delivery

The first and foremost reason for using a photo editing service is the delivery timing. We are very punctual and very concern about quality.

Compatible with Any Format

Our expert editor can work with any format of photography. This is how we can keep the quality high using the proper tools.

Color Correction

Wedding photography needs a lot of color correction and this is also included in our service. This is a sector that experts should handle and we have experienced editors to do that properly.

Affordable Price

We offer customer-friendly pricing in our editing service though we deliver professional wedding photos. This is what makes us unique in this field.

Privacy & Security

Last but most important thing is maintaining the privacy of the digital photos. We provide our digital copy only to our clients and we keep the photos in our store. So if you need your photos anytime you can have them from us.

Our Wedding Photography Editing Service Includes:

These are the things our wedding photography editing service includes-

  • We provide photo culling service that is important for wedding photo edit purposes.
  • Removing or inserting a background is also included in our service. This is also needed in wedding photography.
  • We have a quality checking unit and each photo needs their approval before we keep them for delivery.
  • Faster online file transfer service is also part of our wedding photography service.
  • In our service, we provide the photos as a digital album. Therefore, you can provide those photos to your client in the correct sequence.

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