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Photos represent decades of memories nobody wants to lose. But photos can be damaged for numerous reasons like water, age, spalling of color, etc. Thanks to Clipping Service USA, now we can restore, reconstruct, and enhance any damaged, old and vintage photos.

Photo restoration is a process of restoring any digital photo to its original which has been damaged for different reasons. This can bring a new life to old photos and further enhance their quality.

Our digital photo restoration services are aimed to make your faded and damaged photos look as if they were recently taken. We have a team of skilled editors who are ready to revive your photos. We believe, our service will be helpful for you to preserve your memories.

professional photo restoration service

Photo repair and restoration services is a wide field. Images may need to be restored for a number of reasons. However, they fall into some specific categories. According to the work needs to be done, we have classified our photo restoration services in the following categories.
Vintage Photo Restoration

Vintage photos are really old. Due to aging, they can be damaged. Also, the quality of these images isn’t that good. Our vintage photo restoration service is aimed to give these images a new look and improve the quality.

Image Color Restoration

The color of the old image can be damaged due to weathering, aging, and other causes. The actual color of an image can be faded or changed to a totally different one. You can regain the actual color of your images and further enhance them using our image color restoration and color correction service.

Black and White Photo Restoration

To revive a damaged black and white photography, restoring and adding color to it is the only way. Adding color to an image makes it look new. You can use our black and white photo colorization service to make your photos look as new, we also apply photo retouching service in this work.

Our professional can restore any damaged parts of these images and add the desired color you want.

Damaged Photo Restoration

Printed photos can be damaged for a number of reasons, like, water, deterioration of color, fire, folding, etc. Damage can occur in several spots or in the whole image. Whatever it is, our expert photo restoration professionals can fix these damaged spots and further enhance the photo to give it a new life.


We offer various types of jewelry retouching services. They are as follows

Standard Level

$2.00 Per image

Services applied:

  • Light Scratches Removal
  • Dull Colors Editing
  • Color Adjustment & Correction
  • Sepia Issue Fixing
  • Damaged Areas Restoration
  • Overall Enhancement
  • Blemishes Removal
  • Up to two Persons on the Image

Extreme Level

$10.00 Per image

Services applied:

  • Premium Restoration
  • Deeply Damaged Photos Restoration
  • Ruined Part Fixing
  • Photos Merging
  • Image color
  • Up to Three Persons on the Image

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

We offer some discount on professional photo restoration service for our client

15% off

Total order value more than
$300.00 US

30% Discount

Total cost is more than
$300.00 US

If you still have questions about the volume discounts or want to receive them – mail us or write in the chat box.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Find out whey choose us as a best photo restoration service company and what we exactly do for you.

What Things Are Done for Photo Restoration Services?

The type and amount of works that need to be done to restore a photo depend on the degree of damages and how you want it to be finally. We perform the following tasks to restore an image.

Removing Unwanted Objects

If there is any object in the image rather than the main subject and you don’t want it to be there, the first thing we do is remove that object. This way, the main subject of the image is more focused.

Background Removal or Alternate

If the background of the image is highly damaged, we completely reconstruct it if it is a solid color by applying our photo background removal service. But if it is artistic and you want it to be the same, we fix up the damaged spots to regain its original look. We also improve it to give it a more vintage look if you want.

Cropping the Image

We also crop the image if there are any unwanted parts in it. This way, the image requires less work to be done on it.

Reconstructing the Damage Areas

After doing the preliminary tasks, we fix the damaged areas. The damaged portion of the image is patched or redrawn to fix it. If any part is completely lost, we recreate that part.

Coloring and Enhancing

Most of the time our clients aren’t satisfied with the color of the photo because color gets easily deteriorates due to the age of the photo. Therefore, for the restoration of old, we enhance the color, reduce the noise, and make the objects sharp. If you want to color in your black and white photo, that is also possible. This way we can bring a new life to the photo.

Our Pricing Method for Photo Restoration

in our photo restoration service, we don’t apply any fixed pricing method. It solely depends on the amount of work needs to be done. But we can assure you that the pricing is reasonable and will fit your budget. Also, you will be fully satisfied with our work. Contact us about your project and our correspondent will respond as soon as possible.

What Are the Application Areas for Photo Restoration Services?

The techniques of photo restoration can be applied to virtually all types of damaged photos. Some of the good examples are as follows –

  • Restoring old photos.
  • Colorizing old black and white photos.
  • Enlarging low-resolution photos.
  • Restore fire damaged photos.
  • Reconstructing water-damaged photos.
  • Fix the damaged spots of photos.
  • Restore vintage, historic and antique photos.
  • Enhancing old photos.

Why Choose Us for Photo Restoration Services

  • We can restore any old and damaged photos.
  • All restoration is done by highly skilled professionals.
  • We deliver your work in the shortest possible time.
  • We assure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We offer the lowest pricing in the industry.

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