Outsourcing Photo Editing

As a photographer or business owner, you must be punctual with time in every aspect of your job. Photo editing is a time-consuming process and it is not suitable for those who have a tight schedule. To bring ease into this problematic situation Clipping Path USA offers you Outsource photo editing services to India.
We strictly follow our deadline and ensure the security of your pictures so that we can trust each other. Our versatility is what makes us unbeatable in this field. We have built up a healthy network with our clients and most of them have chosen our service for their further task.

Types of Outsource Photo Editing Service

The versatility we offer includes these photo editing services with any formats of images there is. Here is a short overview of our services:

Clipping Path & Multi Clipping Service

For the top-notch quality of background removal, you have to use the clipping path service. You should use this to enhance your image’s background.

Multi clipping paths service includes the separation of multiple pieces of image and stitches them together.

Image Masking 

If the clipping path doesn’t seem to show enough details you should use image masking instead. Mainly for images that contain hairs or very sharp edges image masking should be the proper service you should use.

Color Correction Service

Color correction is most effective where accurate color is needed. Maybe you are a wedding photographer or you have an eCommerce site where your photos have to be accurate and bright colors that the camera may not be able to attain. In this case, color correction is unavoidable.

Photo Enhancement Service

The camera may not always be able to express the mood or details of a picture. This is where photo enhancement service is needed. No matter what format your images are we can assure high quality of enhancement that will meet your expectations.

Drop Shadow Service

This type of editing is mostly needed for product photos that will be sold online. Drop shadow helps to show a natural vibe to a product and make people choose the product.

eCommerce Product Photo Editing

eCommerce sites need more details and a natural look on the photos. These images require special editing that other photos don’t require.

We offer a special service if you have a bulky amount of tasks in this type of image.

Jewelry Retouching

For the online purchase of any kind of jewelry, customers look for the details and the color especially. The first impression is created by watching the jewelry and this is why visual information is very important for this type of product.

We have a dedicated specialist team for this type of editing and they assure you professional class quality as well.

Photo Retouching / Glamour Retouching Service

Retouching of images is a combination of various editing and every type of industry may need this service for their photos. Mainly photos of professional models require this type of retouching.

If you are looking for premium quality editing for your professional photos we are the leading one to save your time.

Product Background Removal Service

Sometimes the surroundings of a product photo can make your image look dull or gloomy. To avoid this you should rely on product background removal service.

We have been doing this for several years and tons of satisfied clients. Our editors strictly follow the deadline so you can rely on us.

Wedding Photo Editing Service

One of the most popular photo editing services nowadays is wedding photographs. In this sector normally bulky amounts of photos are captured and it is time-consuming.

To save your time and maintain the highest quality possible we are on top of your choice list.

Raster to Vector Conversion Service

If you need higher quality and details you have to use a vector format of the image rather than raster images. The process is easy but sensitive. So if you are working as a professional you have to go for the best editing.

We provide Tthe best raster to vector conversion service no matter how many images you have.

Photo Restoration Service

Restoration of photos is a very sensitive and time-consuming task and you have to be an expert to provide the best solution. It may be needed for anyone in the industry.

Our expert team has been working on these types of projects for a long time. So you can rely on us on this service.

Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Real estate photos are important to the buyer and seller both. The reason is customers need details about the asset. On the other hand, sellers need to satisfy the customer so that they can reach more customers.

We have been doing this type of editing for a long time. Our experts now which property needs what type of editing so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Ghost Mannequin Removal / Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service is popular for online shops or other eCommerce services. Hiring a model is not cost-effective for all sellers. So you have to rely on ghost mannequins or neck joint service.

We are delivering these types of photos daily and punctually no matter how many of them are in number.

Car Photo Editing Service

Cars are being sold online nowadays and it is an expensive thing to buy. Customers tend to check the photo quality as the image is only visual information of the product that they are buying.

Our editors are creative and know the variety of mood that goes with cars. This is why we get chosen again and again.

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

We offer various types of jewelry retouching services. They are as follows

15% Off When Total image

total cost is more than $300.00 US

30% Discount Monthly Image

Monthly Image 

If you still have questions about the volume discounts or want to receive them – mail us or write in the chat box.


Here we have provided a tutorial to share the basic working process of our Photoshop professionals.
You can easily understand how our expert designers do their work if you watch video

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

We offer various types of jewelry retouching services. They are as follows

Why Should You Choose Clipping Path USA ?

There are so many options for you on the internet but what makes us good enough to choose over those options if you ask are:

We provide the most versatile services that no other providers can offer. This makes us a common choice for anyone who needs photo editing.

Our unique style of editing is also a key reason that our customers come back to us more frequently.

Each of these services has an expert team dedicating themselves to reach the best quality possible for every photo.

We maintain high-quality image editing so that no matter what gear your photos come from they look appealing.

Whatever format your photos are in we can edit them as you expect them to be.

These are the reasons for choosing us among all other local service providers.

For Which Industry We Provide this Service

Clipping path USA is one of the best photo editing service provider in the market. Outsource photo editing service is one of our most popular editing services. Our versatility is one of the key point of our success and here is a shortlist of the industries we provide this service:

Professional Photographers  

Professional photographs are one of our strong service points because we have an experienced team of photographers who can meet your expectations no matter what type of photos. We have some clients who are famous in the photography world for their work and we never disclose any photos of them because of our policy.

Wedding Photography 

Wedding photography is new but it has taken a strong position in the industry of photography. To save their time we are providing professional-class editing to pro and newbie photographers.

eCommerce Sites 

Online shops are getting dependable gradually to mass people. So we are providing those who have online shops or sites assuring high quality of editing.

Real Estate 

People are buying properties online nowadays and the sites are gaining the trust of their customers. One of the key reasons behind this is the higher quality picture with natural details. And we outsource photo editing service includes this as well.

Car Modeling 

Customers choose car models on the internet most of the time. Therefore, it is important to have higher quality photos of cars on your site. We have professional editors to meet your expectations.

What Need to Know When Using Outsource Photo Editing?

If you are new in this sector you have to look for some facts before using any outsource photo editing service. They are-

The service provider has to be trustworthy. To check that you have to look for the customer’s review of that site.

You should keep an eye on their behavior because if you face any problem after using their service they won’t help you.

Maintaining a proper deadline is also an important factor that you need to look for.

The service provider has to promise they won’t use your photo for other purposes after providing service without your permission.

Their flexibility is also a fact before choosing their service. You have to check that if they can work with all the formats of photos.

Related Service

We offer various types of jewelry retouching services. They are as follows


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    Clippingpath USA Services Reviews

    I have been using clipping service USA eCommerce photo editing service for almost 4 years now and they do an amazing job every time.
    Their photo retouching quality is really professional and they always provide me photo by following the Shopify photo requirement guideline, I use their photo on my eCommerce store. I highly recommend this company for Ecommerce product photo retouching and resizing with white background service. read more

    Richard Remmingtonour regular client
    Firstly, our service is quite budget-friendly. You can get yourself a very high-quality photo within your budget if you use our service. We provide the best image retouching within your budget.

    Super Work

    I’ve been using your company for years for working on reflection on my car store. and I’ve always been happy with the results and their price is also reasonable and they always try to send my work timely with consistent. I would highly recommend anyone use you for clipping path services!

    Miriam Grayour regular client

    The only place I trust to get my Photo clipping service, I need something done very fast, affordable and efficient and Clipping service USA team are amazing,  I will forever be a customer!

    James Greenregular customer

    Within 7 hours, they do my 200 photo clipping path with perfect quality. Their price is also standard, happy to find such as Photo editing company. read more

    Alex Windour regular customer

     I will definitely be using the Clipping Path service in the future, They are amazing, accurate, Timely,, beautiful, and super simple process. Another plus? They communicate SO well & professionally. TEN STAR

    Alex Redmindour regular customer