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If we think of photo manipulation for various clothing, we see in various e-commerce stores, photographers, advertisement companies, pre-press workers, magazines, etc. It looks like an invisible model is wearing them. Photo neck joint service is the magic here that photographers use.

We are in an era where people always think of cutting short the expenses in each sector of work if possible and neck joint service made it super easy. In this process, there is no need for a live model to highlight the product that is quite expensive nowadays.

Neck joint service makes sure to provide a natural, realistic and appealing photo of the product. Customers get attracted to them in this way as they see only the picture before buying a product from an online website or shop.

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Type of Neck Joint Service

Photographers use various neck joint services, here are some of them that you should know:
3600/3D Packs Hot Ghost Mannequin

For viewing the product from various angles this type of service is commonly used. Using this effect on any garment product the customer can sense the fitness information easily. This plays an important role to help them decide to choose a suitable product for them.

If you want to create this effect on your product, you have to send some pictures of the products that include top view, bottom view, neck, back view, sleeves view. Getting those views, we can make you an animation or a short video of the product having 3600/3D packs hot ghost mannequin effect.

  • Photo clipping/background change
  • photo manipulation
  • photo cropping & resizing
  • photo color alteration
  • portrait improvements & retouching
  • Photo color correction
  • Dust remove from photo

Color Editing & Correction

Bottom Joint

Garment products with long back parts compared to the front requires the bottom joint on the ghost mannequin effect. This effect helps the customer to see the longer part of the product properly.

We have an expert team for this type of job dedicatedly. They can easily remove the mannequin part from the product and join the long back part on the empty area perfectly that gives the customer the feel of viewing the real product. And finally, we give a white background by applying Photo background removal service

  • Color correction
  • Replace white background
  • Remove unwanted object from photo
  • Save photo with eCommerce platform requirement

Unwanted Object Removal

Neck Joint

The neck joint is the standard ghost mannequin effect that we see. In this process only the neck part of the mannequin needs removal. That is why we need you to provide a picture of the front and back parts of the product. Our cut out expert will join those parts properly that makes sure the customers are having the most realistic view from it. It is possible to use this effect on all garment products.

  • Remove image from mannequin
  • Remove dust, spot, bad wrinkle
  • Resize image with cropping
  • For T-shirt, Jackets, Shirts, Blazers, and sweaters

Unwanted Object Removal

Sleeves Joint

For long-sleeved garment products showing the realistic view of the sleeve is very important. To enhance the beauty of the product our photo manipulation experts remove the mannequin completely and use the 3D effect using the shadow of the sleeve that displays the hollow effect of the sleeve. Long sleeve jackets, sweaters or t-shirts look natural and realistic after using this effect. This gives the idea of the fitness of the product which is one of the important facts that help the customer taking their decision.


We offer various types Neck joint services and check out price

Basic Plan

$1.00 Per image

What type we do 

  • Neck Joint Service
  • Ghost mannequin Effect
  • Mannequin removal service
  • Insider joint service
  • 3d/360 Degree Ghost mannequin
  • Bottom joint
  • Sleeves joint

What we apply

  • image clipping
  • photo manipulation
  • photo cropping & resizing
  • photo color alteration
  • portrait improvements & retouching
  • picture color correction

Pro Level

$1.5 Per image

Services applied:

  • E-commerce Editing
  • Background Removal
  • Pro Retouch
  •  Item Straightening
  •  Backdrop Color Changing
  • Images Resizing/Cropping
  • Color correction
  • Solid color Background Extending
  • Clothes Wrinkles Removal

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

Special discount for neck joint service

15% Off

total cost is more than
$300.00 US

30% Discount

Monthly Order/
500 Image/Monthly

If you still have questions about the volume discounts or want to receive them – mail us or write in the chat box.


Here we have provided a tutorial to share how we do Ghost mannequine removal/neck joint service for our clients.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Find out some important question about our photoshop neck joint service

What is Neck Joint Service?

When a customer visits an online shop, the only visual information they get that helps them to decide whether they are buying the product or not is a picture of it. This is why it is important to add a natural, attractive and eye-soothing photo of the product.

Neck joint service is a photo manipulation service that helps online dress retailers to show their products on their website or social media. The output you will get from the service of our neck joint Photoshop expert is undoubtedly a professional class. Using various types of neck joint service, we provide the best service with the help of our faithful experts.

For startups, this could be a game-changing decision to have your product’s neck joint service effects. People will get an idea about each information they need from these photos or videos we make. Rising up to the top newbies need to follow some tricks and neck joint service is one of them for sure

Why Neck Joint Service?

Our target is to do unique and creative work abiding by the basic needs that helps to make the picture, video or animation more informative.  Here are some short notes that will help you to understand our service-

  • We have experts for each and every sector of this neck joint service. Various types of neck joints have various jobs to do and many other service providers use only one person to do that all.
  • Our service classifies each job to different experts and they complete the job together. Therefore, we can assure the creative content to our customers.
  • We do ‘no compromise’ about quality. All the service we provide comes with an assurance of realistic, accurate informative, attractive and most importantly natural pictures of the product.

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Service?

Here are some possible cases where you need ghost mannequin service for sure-

Online Store/E-Commerce Proprietors

If you are the owner of an online store/e-commerce proprietor, ghost mannequin service is a vital service to make sure you are picking a good number of customers. Most of the information is shown in the picture of the products that is why they should be natural and realistic and neck joint service ensure that.

Advertisement Agency

In the advertisement agency, you may have to put some pictures of dresses and you are thinking about squeezing the expense. Live models surely are expensive and, in this situation, ghost mannequin service is the only answer.


If you are a photographer, you may have to provide a large number of photographs of dresses with a mannequin. In this situation, we are willing to stand behind you as your support by delivering the content quickly assuring the professional class.


In magazines, dresses are publishing daily. In this sector, there is no other option without using the ghost mannequin service. Professional magazines need expert touch and we can achieve that with the help of our experts.

What Does Neck Joint Service Do?

The most basic way to answer this question is, Neck joint service is an image manipulation technique which is also known as ghost mannequin service. Here are some things that need to be done to complete this service-

  • To give a garment product 3D touch, someone should wear it and, in this case, a dummy/doll is used to do so. For manipulation, the doll needs removal and for this process, an expert is needed to provide a professional touch. First, we apply Photo Clipping service for separate products from dummy.
  • The background of the product may not go to the online properties you are using it for. This is why it also needs removal.
  • Sometimes background needs to be replaced to give an adjusted look to the product with the publishing platform.
  • Natural shadow, reflection shadow, and enhancement are needed to express the realistic-ness of the product.
  • Sometimes we need to add objects to the product to give it a commercial look that satisfies the customer completely.


For check our photoshop neck joint service quality feel free to send some photo for free trial.

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