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Multi clipping path, also known as multi path is method of isolating an objects or part of object from the background. This makes it possible to change the properties of the isolated object, such as changing the color or separate the image. We use manual pen tool for clipping path for the best result.

As an eCommerce owner, you will often need this service to enhance or alter the color of your product images or to show different parts separately. Also, if you are a model photographer, you may need this service to retouch your images.

We believe, our multi clipping path service will meet your needs and with our service, you will be both happy and satisfied.

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Type of Multi Clipping Path Service

Multi clipping path has a wide range of application and our service covers them all. We provide multi path service for the following types.

Color Separation

To separate the parts of an object according to their color, change it and add some extra color effect color separation is what you will need. It deals with creating different paths for based on the color of the objects. Later, any desired effect can be applied to these paths for making the image more appealing. This is also a great option for color correction of the image.


Retouching with Multi Path

Multi clipping path is important when you want to retouch your image according to color or specific object. Images often requires correction is some specific parts, not as whole. With multi clipping path, these areas can be selected depending on their color or manually, and any effect can be applied to retouch the image.

Color Editing & Correction

Part Separation

Multi path is widely used for separating different parts of a complex object. As objects can have complex shape, manual separation with pen tools is required. You may need this to showcase different parts of the object separately and hence to explain them properly to the audience.


Color change

Changing the color of the objects has a wide application in e-commerce and manufacturing process. It often requires to change the color objects of parts of the objects to compare different alternatives. Multi path color changing service makes it possible without manufacturing the actual object and hence saves the cost and uncertainty.

What we do during Multi clipping path?

There are several steps involved in multi clipping path depending upon the type of project, but every multi path must require the following steps.

Creating the Path

The first step is to create paths according to the requirement. This can be according to the color, objects, parts or any other criteria.

For creating path according to color, automatic tool can be used, but this often doesn’t give good result with image with sharp edges. Also, selection isn’t always accurate with automatic selection tools. That is why we always use manual pen tool for creating the path for the best result.


Separate the Objects

After creating the paths, the different parts of the image are separated according to the path. As a result, any work can be done of the separated object and this will not impact the other parts or objects of the image.

Applying Effects and Changing Colors

After the objects are separated by clipping path, any desired effects can be applied to these paths separately. This effect enhances the appeal of the image and makes them look more attractive. It is also possible to change the color of the object in the way you want.


Check Price for various types of Multi Clipping path service

Basic Level

$1 Per image

Services applied:

  • Background Replacement (Small Items)
  • Change Color of Background
  • Resize Photos
  • Borders Adding
  • Rotate the Images
  • Files Format Changing
  • Image Compression
  • Intricacy/thickness cure

Advanced Level

$1.5 Per image

Services applied:

  • Background Replacement (Small Items)
  • Change Color of Background
  • Resize Photos
  • Borders Adding
  • Rotate the Images
  • Files Format Changing
  • Image Compression
  • Intricacy/thickness cure
  • Eye color change service
  • Counting a man/question
  • Editing and resizing pictures
  • Adjusting color balance tones

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

We offer various types of Multi Clipping path service. They are as follows

10% off

Total cost is more than
$300.00 US

30% off

Multi Clipping path service during a month who orders from
500-1000 pictures

If you still have questions about the volume discounts or want to receive them – mail us or write in the chat box.


How our graphic designer make every clipping path services multi clipping path for our honarable customer.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

We offer various types of Multi clipping path service. They are as follows

How to work multi clipping path?

To work with multi clipping path, the first thing you will need is a photo editing program like photoshop.

If you use photoshop, you have to master the use of pen tool as manual use of pen tool is a must for path selection.

Apart from the pen tool, you also have to learn the automatic selectin tools that can select based upon the color. For selecting objects with sharp edges, you have to use feather tools so that the selection is smooth.

Now as the automatic selection tools works based on some parameters, you will need and in-depth knowledge of tolerance of these parameters. After you have acquired skills in the selection, not you can apply effect and color these paths.

So, you can see that, when you have no knowledge of photoshop, working with multi clipping path is hard. Also, if you have a lot of them to do, you may to be able to do it all yourself. Therefore, it is better to use a clipping path service like ours. This will definitely save your time and let you do other important job your business.

Why choose us for Multi clipping path service?

We claim our service to be the best and there are some good reasons behind that.

  • Organized team of professional experts.
  • 100% manual work.
  • Delivery of work in earlies possible time.
  • Reasonable customer friendly pricing.
  • 24/7 service.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When need multi clipping path?

Multi clipping path is a widely used graphical process and is necessary for different fields. Primarily, the ecommerce owners need this service.

The main application of multi path is in ecommerce photography. Raw product image often doesn’t have desired color. Changing and enhancing the color of such product image is important for attracting buyers and multi path is the right way to do that.

A product often comes with different color variations and photographing all of them can be troublesome. You can use multi clipping path service to clone one image to the desired colors easily.

Again, if you want to show different elements and parts of your product separately to emphasize and describe them more efficiently, you will need this service. Apart from all of this, you may need this service when you need to want to retouch any specific parts of an image.

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