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Image masking is a powerful way to manipulate digital images and widely used for photo editing. It is the most perfect way to remove the backgrounds of images with thin and soft edges such as hair, fur, and fabrics. It also gives the best result for transparent, semi-transparent and translucent images.

You can easily change the visibility of objects in an image and also Change color or manipulate it using image masking.

Our Photoshop image masking service provider is aimed to provide quality masking so that the image looks more attractive without losing the actual features of it. We offer all types of image masking service in Photoshop and assure you top quality work that will also fit your budget.

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Type of Image Masking Services

Check Some of important image masking service from below

White Background

Hair Masking

Hair masking image deals with objects that have very fine curves, thin edges and soft edges like hair and furs.

It takes time and effort to do such masks. Also, these types of masks need extra care because if not, the object will lose its appearance.

Layer Masking

Layer masking service is necessary when you want such a photo that has two or more layers. Layer masking is used for hiding or revealing any object or part of images by changing the opacity of different layers.

It is a nondestructive method of masking, therefore there is no chance to damage the image.


Clipping Mask :

Clipping mask deals with a group of layers and on these layers, the mask is applied. This lets you combine several images with a base layer and other layers on top of it and thus lets you change the visibility of any layer as you want them to be.

Alpha Channel Masking: 

Alpha Channel Mask works with objects. While in other masking, the opacity of pixels of one or more layers is reduced, in alpha channel masking, pixels of different layers are blended. In this process, the edges of the background images are made transparent for clipping path.

This process is necessary for animation because, in animation, the background is changed from one frame to another.

Refine Edge Masking

Refine edge is particularly helpful when you have to deal with complex edges. Both layer mask and refine radius is applied to make the edges soft. This is useful to give fur, blanket, fabrics, and hair a more natural look.

Transparent Object Masking

As the name suggests, the transparent object masking deals with furry transparent background objects through which light can pass. Examples of these objects are water, transparent plastic, glass, etc.

This special type of masking retains the transparency and color of such objects.

Translucent Object Masking

Translucent objects have relatively more opacity than transparent objects. That means less light can pass through these objects than the transparent objects. Thin white fabrics, sunglass are some of the good examples of such objects. As light passes through these types of objects is hard to identify the translucent object masking is used for such an object.

Object Masking

Using the object masking, any unwanted parts of an image can be easily removed. The main subject of the image is selected and the unwanted objects are selected with the reverse selection. Then the unwanted parts are dealt with the desired action. This helps greatly removing the deformation of an image.

Color Masking

Color masking gives the facility to edit any color by the application of the mask. This way, it limits the range and number of displayed colors of an image.

Therefore, this gives good control when you want to update the values of pixels of an image.


Check Price For different photoshop Image masking service

Start From

0.80$ Per image

Services applied:

  • Color Correction
  • Images Resizing/Cropping
  • Stray Hair Fixing
  • Some Small Objects Cutting Out
  • Clipping Path (Black/White/Transparent Backdrop)

All type masking 

  • Hair & fur masking service
  • Transparency Masking
  • College masking service
  • Layer masking
  • Alpha channel masking
  • Color masking
  • Refine edge masking
  • Color masking

Additional Service

$ Per image


  • Dropping/reflection/natural +0.10$


  • Basic retouch +0.5$
  • Pro Retouch +1$

Color Change 

  • Add extra 0.30$

Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

We discout for our ragular and bulk order for every clipping path image masking service order

15% off

When Total image 
Price is above 200$

30% Discount

Montly Image 

If you still have questions about the volume discounts or want to receive them – mail us or write in the chat box.


How our designer do every image masking service project with photoshop.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Find out some important question when you want to outsource image masking services

How is the Photoshop Image Masking Done?

Masking can be used for revealing or hiding any layers from a set of layers. To do it, you will need a photo editing program like photoshop.

In photoshop masking layer and vector mask is mostly used and the job is done in the following procedure –

Adding layers

According to the need for the job, one or more layers are added above the actual image. A new layer is created just by clicking the add layer button in the layer panel.

Masking the Layers

The visibility of any layer can be turned on or using the layer panel. Also, by changing the opacity of any layer the transparency of the layer can be changed. This is done by the mask command.

If you want you can a musk from one layer to the other just by dragging it. It is also possible to enable and disable the mask on any layer using the respective commands. Moreover, you can also manipulate the color of a layer and even delete according to your need.

Other Masks

Apart from the layer mask that deals with color and visibility, you can also use the feather mask and the refine edge mask. Changing the density of the mask is also possible.

Why Choose Us for Image Masking Service?

  • Reasonable pricing that fits your budget.
  • All work is done by professional photoshop experts.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We provide worldwide service.
  • Quick response time and on-time delivery.

Why you Need Image Masking Service?

Photoshop image masking has got a wide range of applications in the field of photo editing. Virtually anyone may need image masking service at any given situation. However, you will need this service for the following cases –

  • If you are a professional model photographer then you will need this service to edit your images because editing the hair without image masking is nearly impossible.
  • As an e-commerce owner, you will frequently need this service for different types of product photo editing like eCommerce product optimization or product retouching service. Some good examples of such products are transparent fabrics, furry dolls, glassware, and sunglasses.
  • This service also enables you to combine different photos above one another and change the visibility of each layer as you want.
  • For editing any image where selecting objects is difficult, especially thin edge objects, you can use this service to edit your photos professionally.


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