How Clipping Service USA Works


1. Submit a free trial /quote with 3 images


2. We will be back within 30 minute with sample & price quote


3. Give us approval to move forward with your project


4. Get your processed project images at selected time schedule

5. Sell – Profit – happy make your customer satisfy. You are Welcome again

Frequently Ask Questions

Keeping in mind client’s ultimate satisfaction and queries about our services we have arranged our frequently asked questionnaires. Even after that if you have any queries; just feel free to ask us through email, quick equerry, Skype, phone call and other available ways.

How can I ask for free trial?

Just fill up the free trial form on our website and send your three images to us. Also you can use any other options like; E-mail, FTP ( Temporary or Dedicated).

Is my FTP account safe and secure?

We create individual FTP accounts for every single regular customer with unique username and password what can manage later on.

How to send and receive images?

You can send and receive your images in three different ways

FTP account: If you are familiar with FTP, just send a request for an FTP account and we will create it for you within an hour. You can also use your own FTP account if you have any. In such case simply let us know your login details and we will collect your images automatically, whatever the balk size are because We use the server with unlimited disc space and your account or FTP is set to unlimited as well. So, you can upload any amount of file / file size you want.

Email: You can also send your images by email if it is only a few and within your email attachment allowance limit (usually 10MB).
Others: Wetransfer, Dropbox, YouSendIt.

What type of image can I send?

We accept any type of file. It could be JPG, TIFF, PSD or EPS even RAW/NEF Pictures, we recommend that you should send JPG file if it is okay with your end requirement, but of course this is entirely up to you.

What format of image do you provide?

In any format you require.

Will you use my image?

Absolutely ‘no’, not in any situation.

How do you decide image complexity for price?

Job accomplishment time for an individual image what an expert hand requires.

What about pricing?

Pricing depends on Image / Design complexity and amount. We offer Discount / Flat rate for bulk orders. For emergency delivery Price is a little bit high.

What is your turn around time (TAT)?

Turnaround time depends on the complexity level of the images and the quantity. We let you know the turnaround time along with the quotation once we receive your images. Generally we provide 24 Hours TAT. Please let us know whichever TAT you need. Here is our basic turnaround time: 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.

How can you give 100% guarantee on accuracy?

All of the professional designers are well trained and they are working on the same field for several years. Moreover, we check every image three times before sending to you.

We never use an automated tool such as Magic Wand which may be able to remove background very quickly but we feel that perfect quality background removal is only possible by using the Pen Tool in Photoshop.

How to pay?

Once your job is done, we send you an invoice (if needed). We accept payment through PayPal so you can pay with your PayPal account, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo or Direct Debit. You can also transfer money to our bank account.

What happens if I find problem with any completed image?

We deal with your images very carefully with highly skilled design professionals and we do not expect this to happen again. However, if unfortunate this happens just email us and we will take care of that very seriously as soon as possible. Obviously redo a job is absolutely FREE